Channeling the Archangel Collective

and the being known as Tobel 

Through Geoff Thompson  

Geoff Thompson MA Counselling Psychology

 Reiki Master

About Geoff and The Angels

Geoff has been extrasensory his whole life, his ability to feel the emotions of others was almost overwhelming at certain times of his life.  It took many years for him to learn how to best channel this ability, but when he did, a brand new world opened up to him.  It was with the help of many spiritual teachers that he was finally able to connect with what is known as the Archangel Collective.

The Archangel Collective is a group of benevolent entities whose only wish is to help human beings achieve the highest levels of joy and happiness.  They express themselves through unconditional love and complete acceptance of who you are in this moment.      

While many people are aware of who the Archangels are, either by way of religious teachings or spiritual connection, most are not aware that they try communicating with us constantly.  You may be guided by them at any moment and not even know it!  They hear your pleas and prayers and try desperately to reach you.  The challenge can come in the form of misunderstanding them or identifying too strongly with the Ego.  

As an extension of their work, Geoff channels their messages to you directly, so that they can better help you with any situation you may be dealing with.  They do not judge, they do not have personal motives.  They simply want to be apart of your life in whatever manner you choose.  Let Geoff help you connect with your guardian angels and Archangels and experience the overwhelming love that is their presence.

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Latest Blog Post By Geoff

January 20th, 2017

“If only I had listened to my gut… I wouldn’t be in this mess…”

I spend 35+ hours a week working as a therapist in a not-for-profit clinic in a happening part of Winnipeg, MB and I’ve heard all kinds of stories. People seem to exclusively seek therapy when things are going wrong in their life, which only makes sense, of course. Though, I have to admit, I was surprised by how often I would hear the sentence referenced above from the clients I would meet with on a weekly basis. Again and again, people would come to the conclusion that if only they had listened to this tiny voice they had inside themselves things would be different. I have to say it got me thinking…

I’ve observed that you don’t have to be overly spiritual to have the experience of Jiminy Cricket chirping in your ear, nor do you have to be a full fledged psychic to have the sense of being guided. We all have this inner voice that seems to try desperately to point us in a specific direction, which we may or may not want to follow. The interesting thing is that at first we may be adverse to heading the voice’s call and instead act in a different way. Perhaps we make a choice on what we deem to be the “safer” or more “logical” approach to solving a problem only to discover later that the more “logical” approach brings more trouble than it’s worth. 

In my own life I find myself asking similar questions that I hear my clients asking me. Why is it so hard to listen to that little cricket sitting on my shoulder? The conclusion that I have reached after a lot of thought is actually quite simple: By listening to your intuition you will most definitely be challenged. The challenge that arises from following a more personal path, one that focuses more on personal growth and less on developing a physical persona. If your intuition tells you to leave your partner or leave your job, and you actually listen to it, you will definitely be challenged! You will most definitely face the reality of being lonely (if only temporarily) or quiet certainly face the reality of being unemployed (again, if only temporarily). Conversely, perhaps your intuition tells you to stick it out a bit longer with your partner or stay at the soul sucking job… You will most definitely be challenged, but in very different ways. Staying in a sticky situation provides the opportunity to learn more about yourself and what aspects of your attitude and beliefs brought you in to this “mess”. 

The point that I want to make about intuition is that it isn’t really about the “answer” nor is it about the outcome. It’s about your readiness for challenge and your desire to grow as a soul. Your intuition may seem like it’s out of its freaking mind sometimes… And maybe it is… But it is also calling out to you with love. I remember watching Pinocchio as a kid and thinking how annoying Jiminy was, only to realize that his initial disposition of annoyance was coming from a place of love. Perhaps, Jiminy isn’t the most accurate picture of what we’re discussing here, but I find it easier to relate to a Disney character :)

The next time you find yourself being guided or “told to act in a certain way” my advice would be not to act right away, but instead to ask yourself “am I ready for a challenge”? If the answer is yes, then perhaps it is time to get busy doing. If the answer is no, then start with listening to the other person instead of your inner fears. Either way, you may end up getting swallowed by the preverbal whale, but if my connection to the angelic realm has taught me anything, it’s that no matter how dire the circumstances may be, there’s always a chance of becoming a “real boy” in the end. The only thing that people really need is a chance :)

Until next time, I love you all!



It was  in Victoria this last Spring , at The Metaphysical Group Meet Up when I first saw and heard Geoff channel the Angels. The experience was so incredibly nurturing for the soul , I spent the next week, hearing guidance and being inspired in a way I had not experienced before. I called him for a Card Reading, and the result was stellar. His kind and gentle spirit guides you along and truly shares messages destined for you. It made a huge impact in my life at this time and when I heard he was returning in the Fall, to do another MeetUp, I brought 8 people along to experience his messages.

I recently had a second reading with Geoff, and was most appreciative of his channeling. In a morning meditation, I had asked two questions out loud at my home in Victoria, and later that morning , both these questions were addressed  in the reading and I was reminded how we are so connected to our Angels.  I recommend working with Geoff especially if you are having a block or challenge you need help with. This is another dimension to help us to find our path, compassion and peace in our lives. I am grateful to Geoff for following his heart and doing this work that can uplift and impact people’s lives in such a positive way. I gladly recommend his Sessions to many of my clients who need confirmation and support on their path to healing and self-discovery. Thank You Geoff!   

- Paola Wilson , Victoria BC

When I first met with Geoff, I was feeling very unsettled in my life. I was at a cross roads in many areas and not sure whether I should go left or go right. The continuous internal dialogue of “what ifs” or feeling like I was about to make a “big” mistake left me almost debilitated in many ways. Geoff was able to pick up on this immediately and while the angels didn't tell me which direction to go, they did assure me that if I listened to my heart I would knew what to do and they would help me through some life changing events.  In the days that followed an overwhelming sense of calm came from within as I embarked on my journey. I was able to take the messages Geoff and the angels had given me and with comfort and ease move in the direction I needed to go to fulfill my goals/needs. My session was so monumental for me, that I recommend him to all of my family and friends.  I believe everyone can benefit from having a session with their angels. 

- Michelle (Card Reading & Channeling Client)


I wanted to thank you and the gang for the unique and inspiring conversation we had.  It's been most comforting and has helped me to have conversations with those who I needed to connect with in my family.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.  My full sense of joy is returning and I feel very encouraged.  Thank you again, I hope you continue to use your gift to bless and uplift others!

- Mary Ann Chartrand, Spellbinders Speaker Group (Card Reading Client)

I have known Geoff for many years and one day he suggested to me that I come in and have a reading done. I was skeptical at first (out of ignorance) because I had no idea what was going to happen and was completely new to this field.  After my reading though, I must say, I noticed differences right away, and although it has not been too long since my reading, I hope for the changes that occurred to continue.  Thanks!

- J. S. (Card Reading Client)

Thank you for such a moving Angel Card reading!  The insight provided was powerful and you gave words to some 'stuck, churning in my gut' feelings that I had been processing for some time.  You are doing great work that helps others move forward in their life journey with more comfort, happiness, courage and less fear/concern.   Thank you for sharing your gift!

- Melanie Derwin, (Card Reading Client)

 "Feel our love as we extend it to you..." - The Archangel Collective